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Next Web was founded on the idea that when companies operate efficiently and effectively, they rise to the top. Our goal is to help you get there by improving every aspect of your business. Let us solve your problems so you can get back to doing what you love.

Tomorrow’s Startup

Introducing the 5 day website launch. Perfect for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and companies on a tight budget that want a high quality online experience.

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Improving a business at it’s core can improve our entire business ecosystem. The whole community of business owners can benefit from this chain reaction. If we focus on genuinely improving the output of the businesses of our community, everyone benefits. Customers are more satisfied, employees feel important, and business owners’ are making a difference in their community. Learn more about The Web Effect.


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Mike loves helping business owners achieve their dreams. His positive outlook, ingenuity, and outside the box thinking creates an environment that promotes improvement in all business practices and enables the control needed to power growth in your company.

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